Natural Cycle IVF

Natural cycle IVF (in vitro fertilization) is very similar to standard in vitro fertilization, but just without the use of large amounts of medications to stimulate the ovary to make multiples eggs.

Natural cycle IVF has recently made a resurgence, gaining worldwide attention as an alternative to conventional IVF for both normal and poor responders. Natural cycle IVF has several advantages over standard IVF, including the elimination of the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), very low or no costly and cumbersome gonadotropin injections, lack of production of excess embryos and the elimination of multiple pregnancies.

Why you should be interested in natural cycle IVF?

Natural cycle IVF (unstimulated IVF) is an exciting alternative to traditional stimulated IVF cycles. It appeals to patients because it is low risk, has lower costs than stimulated IVF, and is patient-friendly. Natural cycle IVF offers patients the IVF process with fewer medications (meaning less cost and fewer injections), fewer side effects, and fewer office visits (all of which leads to less stress). Additionally, there is no risk of hyperstimulation and less physical stress on the body as a result of the minimal amount of medication taken. Also, natural cycle IVF minimizes the production of excess embryos and eliminates multiple pregnancies.

Is Natural Cycle IVF right for you?

There are three groups of women who are good candidates for natural cycle IVF.

  • For women considered “poor responders,” natural cycle IVF affords the opportunity to continue with the IVF process, even when ovarian stimulation has repetitively failed to produce multiple embryos.  However, natural cycle IVF is not necessarily the recommended treatment for a “poor responder” if multiple ovarian stimulation is still possible.
  • For couples with infertility due to male factor (low or poor quality sperm), natural cycle IVF can provide an opportunity for fertilization through ICSI and at the same time avoid multiple pregnancies and unnecessary stimulation for an otherwise fertile female partner.
  • Women who cannot tolerate or do not desire to take hormonal therapy in order to conceive can still benefit from the IVF process.

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